19 May

Alianza estratégica Heka - Zion

Ecuadorian law firm HEKA Law and private equity fund administrator ZION have signed a strategic alliance in order to link the two businesses in the central and southern region of the country and in the city of Guayaquil, in a bid to grow together nationwide.

The alliance seeks for forge synergies between the two companies, which will allow their clients to access a wider offering, across both legal and fiduciary services, the firms said in a statement.

For its part, HEKA will provide legal support to ZION in Quito and throughout Ecuador, especially in the southern Sierra region, allowing it to include fiduciary services within its offering while at the same time increasing its presence nationally alongside ZION.

“We have been working together for several months on various projects, and the strong relationship that has developed between the two companies has led us to make this alliance with a long-term view,” Santiago Alban, a partner at HEKA, said.

Rafael Sandoval, general manager at ZION, said the two firms are “looking to mutually complement each other so as to have better coverage for what the two brands represent.”    

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